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Lab Opportunities

Graduate Students:

We anticipate accepting applications from prospective PhD students to join the lab in 2025-2026 either through the graduate programs in social psychology or cognitive neuroscience.

We welcome applications from everyone, and encourage applications from people from diverse backgrounds, LGBT+ students, and really anyone from underrepresented groups or those who have been historically overlooked by STEM fields. We encourage you to check out the links below and to reach out to one of our current graduate students for more information on our work, lab culture and opportunities to get involved. We look forward to hearing from you!

Summer Undergradudate Research:

We are always interested in taking students during the summer through the following programs: SROP program | ADNiR initiative | CODE! Coding for Brain Decoding... If you are in any of these programs and find our research interesting, do get in touch!

A bit about the lab values

The Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab believes in the inherent value of diversity in research and recognizes that STEM fields, and academia in general, has historically fallen short of the mark of inclusion. As a lab, we are committed to fostering a welcoming and respectful environment and as social cognitive neuroscientists we strive to focus our research on questions that might help us understand how people of different backgrounds and viewpoints understand and represent their social world.

Resources at Ohio State and Beyond